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Electrical Testing and Inspections

Electrical Testing and Inspections

Knowing that your electrics are working properly is important for many reasons. As well as knowing that your electrics are safe for anyone within your property, many commercial insurance companies ask that a Electrical Installation Condition Report is carried out before insurance is provided. 

Our team can provide you with a comprehensive test report after carrying out an Electrical Installation Condition Report. If you should need any repairs to your electrics, we will also provide you with a competitive quotation so that everything is working efficiently and safely.

PAT testing regulations

At R J Wilson we will always follow all of the PAT testing regulations set in place at the time of testing. Although the law does not state that your electrical appliances need to be tested every 12 months, it is the law to ensure that your appliances have been through a thorough electrical test and inspection and that they have been deemed safe by a professional.

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